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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • How To Become A Self-Employed Surgical Assistant: SE Series Part 1 - Possibilities and Opportunities

    By Dan Bump SA-C, CSFA: Surgical Assisting has been a real blessing to me personally. You see, I love surgery. It’s not just a paycheck to me and I know you feel the same. My story isn’t all that unique. But it definitely highlights the possibilities and opportunities for current and future Surgical Assistants. What do you want out of your surgical career: Get closer to the surgical ...
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  • What Is Your Liability In Surgery?

    By Dan Bump SA-C, CSFA: I met a particularly interesting character at one of my surgical assisting labs last month. In his career, he went from being fired because he did something in surgery his surgeon asked him to do, to now working for a surgeon in his dream job as a Surgical Assistant. He’s taking our Surgical Assistant Program to make sure all his ducks are in a roll so he never has to ...
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  • Keep Your Fingers On The Pulse Of Our Profession

    By Dan Bump SA-C, CSFA: Recently, I had an opportunity to comment on a Virginia bill for regulating Surgical Techs and Surgical Assistants in which SA-Cs were purposely banned from registration. I’d like to know what your feelings are in this matter, whether you are an SA-C yourself or hold another surgical assisting credential. There are forces at play that would like CSAs and CSFAs to be ...
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