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Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • How Surgical Assistants Are Changing the Healthcare Model

    Walk into any hospital, urgent care, or other medical center, and chances are good that there will be a nondoctor health care professional on staff. The number of surgical assistants, along with nurse practitioners and physician assistants, is rapidly increasing, and numbers should only continue to rise. As the demand for doctors continues to surpass the supply of new physicians coming out of ...
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  • Is it Really Worth it to Become a Surgical Assistant?

    If you are a surgical tech, you are already on a great career path. If you want to continue to advance, surgical assisting is the natural next step. Within this role, you have the opportunity to increase your salary, take on more responsibilities, and assist patients in a more hands-on manner. Choosing to pursue a career as a surgical assistant can be daunting. How many more hours will you have to ...
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