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Blog Posts in September, 2015

  • NPPs & Surgical Assistants Are Boosting Medical Practices

    Whether you’re a patient or a practitioner, it pays to know that the number of non-physicians working at doctor’s offices and medical clinics is on the rise. For many reasons, this is great news! “Non-physician” might sound a little strange, but the term is apt for what they do: non-physician providers (NPPs) are fully trained and licensed professional clinicians who ...
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  • What Type of Salary Can I Expect as a Surgical Assistant?

    At ACE Surgical Assisting, prospective students frequently ask us how much money they can make as a surgical assistant. Many people who are currently surgical techs or OR nurses don’t realize that they can make far more money as a Surgical Assistant; in some cases up to five times more than they were making before. With this dramatic increase in salary, a program like ACE Surgical Assisting ...
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