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How Surgical Assistants Are Changing the Healthcare Model

How Surgical Assistants Are Changing the Healthcare Model

Walk into any hospital, urgent care, or other medical center, and chances are good that there will be a nondoctor health care professional on staff. The number of surgical assistants, along with nurse practitioners and physician assistants, is rapidly increasing, and numbers should only continue to rise. As the demand for doctors continues to surpass the supply of new physicians coming out of medical school, these advanced practice providers are becoming critical parts of the healthcare system.

What Is the Role of a Surgical Assistant?

Surgical assistants can handle a wide range of tasks both in and out of surgery. Many surgeons will rely heavily on their nondoctor health care professionals to act as their liaison for both patients and suppliers. Depending on the certifications and training they have received, surgical physician assistants can perform as much as 80% of the tasks that surgeons do.

Before Surgery

Prior to surgery, a surgical assistant can play a critical role. They can perform an initial physical examination and obtain medical history for new patients. During this stage, surgical assistants may order X-Rays and review them to identify any abnormalities.

During Surgery

Most surgeries must still be led by an appropriately licensed physician, but surgical assistants will actually do much of the work in the operating room. A surgical assistant can perform first assist duties, including preparing and positioning the patient for surgery, suturing incisions, and applying dressings to wounds. In many instances, surgical physician’s assistants can take care of routine procedures.

After Surgery

Immediately following the surgery, a surgical assistant will often dictate the post-op treatment. From writing orders in the recovery room, to communicating with the family of the patient, they will lead almost all post-op procedures. When the patient is ready to leave, a properly qualified surgical assistant can write discharge summaries, explain discharge instructions and even write certain prescriptions.

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