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NPPs & Surgical Assistants Are Boosting Medical Practices

NPPs & Surgical Assistants Are Boosting Medical Practices

Whether you’re a patient or a practitioner, it pays to know that the number of non-physicians working at doctor’s offices and medical clinics is on the rise. For many reasons, this is great news!

“Non-physician” might sound a little strange, but the term is apt for what they do: non-physician providers (NPPs) are fully trained and licensed professional clinicians who perform medical care services in a variety of roles and settings. NPP is more than nurses and physician assistants—it includes audiologists, certified anesthetists (CRNAs), physical therapists, and even surgical assistants!

The Numbers Are In. Non-Physicians Are On the Rise!

On some of the latest reports, the ratio of non-physician practitioners to full-time doctors has increased by nearly 30%, from 0.59 to 0.89! For surgical practices specializing in a single field of medicine, there are nearly 9 NPPs for every 10 doctors, and experts believe the ratio will continue to grow.

What This Means for Patients

When it comes to getting proper medical treatment and care, nothing really changes. NPPs are highly trained to perform their roles, and most of them have Master of Arts-level education backgrounds. In addition, many non-physicians still work under close supervision of a physician. The big difference that patients may start to see is more widespread availability of billable medical care services!

What This Means for Physicians & Practitioners

For doctors and other physician providers, the rise of NPPs means that there will be more medical care providers who are available to perform specific medical services. This is true for non-physicians and physicians alike: NPPs are available to perform physicals, follow-up care, and other specialized roles, allowing surgeons and other physicians to devote their skills to more complicated medical services.

Utilizing Non-Physician Surgical Assistants

One of the most interesting NPP roles on the rise is the surgical assistant. Surgeons are always in high demand, and now that non-physician providers are frequently accepted as licensed surgical assistants, this frees surgeons to perform complicated procedures, and to work with more NPPs under their supervision. As a result, the career opportunities for surgical assistants has become highly lucrative.

At ACE Surgical Assisting, we continue to educate and train non-physicians to become certified surgical assistants (SA-C). The ACE Surgical Assistant Program is approved by the American Board of Surgical Assistants. Whether you’re a physician looking for well-trained surgical assistants, or a non-physician provider hoping to prepare for the next big step in your career, contact us and learn more!