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If you want to improve your career advancement opportunities in the medical surgical field, ACE Surgical Assisting provides the training, knowledge, and expertise necessary to take the next step in your career. Our goal is to take what you already know, expand it, and set you up on a path to success.

Benefits of using our surgical assistant (SA) program:

  • Approval from The American Board of Surgical Assistants
  • Online training modules through SurgiNet™
  • Thorough 6-Day Surgical SkillLab™
  • Free, unlimited lab access for two years
  • Convenient career advancement for only $5,495

Our surgical assistant programs are designed to help individuals in certain fields of work improve and advance in their careers. From surgical technologists to surgical assistants, our goal is to help build the skills and knowledge that you need to further yourself in your career, ensuring more money and stability in your future.

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Effective and Hands-On Surgical Instruction

At ACE Surgical Assisting, we don’t rely on videos to carry our teaching or training of individuals. We utilize techniques and methods – some invented by our founder – to help physician and non-physician individuals learn their trade with hands-on experience. We believe in guiding our students through the learning materials and taking the time to correctly train them, rather than let them wander blindly through a curriculum. Everything we do is designed to prepare you for performing to the best of your ability in the operating room.

The ACE Surgical Assistant Program has seen many successful individuals take the next step in their lives, and we are confident we can help you improve upon your potential as well. From surgical simulators to in-depth labs, we are committed to providing you with the knowledge and skill you need to become a surgical assistant.

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We understand the difficulties that you may experience in the operating room, and our training can help minimize worry, stress, and doubt.

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