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Do You Employ or Manage Surgical Professionals?

If you are an OR Manager, Director of Surgical Services, or hospital CEO, you work hard for the continued financial viability of your facility. Escalating competition between hospitals for surgeons and patients combined with declining reimbursements is for some hospitals the knockout punch you don’t recover from. A program which helps reverse that trend could be very valuable.

Hospitals close every day. Before that they’ve had to endure one or more painful courses of staff layoffs. It might seem counterintuitive at first, but the ACE Surgical Assistant Program could help you utilize the human resources you already have to increase your surgical revenue.

Why Choose Our Program

By enrolling your Surgical Techs and OR Nurses in the ACE Surgical Assistant Program you both save and make money for your facility.

See how it adds up:

  • Reduce Attrition: Your people will be happier working at your facility if they are provided opportunities to grow and to advance their careers. The ACE Surgical Assistant Program can be just the right opportunity for both the needs of your staff and your hospital. Reduced attrition adds up to huge savings.
  • Increase OR Utilization: Properly trained Surgical Assistants make the surgical case run smoother, reduce operative times, and speed up room turnover times. All this adds up to efficiency that helps you utilize the same room for more procedures – ie generate more surgical revenue.
  • Retain Your Surgeons: Having a well-trained assisting staff is very valuable to a surgeon. In fact, surgeons become addicted to their favorite assistants. They won’t have to impose on their partners or go through the hassle of finding an outside assistant. None of your surgeons will be required to get up in the middle of the night to assist. Happy surgeons are recruit-proof.
  • Recruit New Surgeons: Your Surgical Assistants attract new surgeons to your facility. This is one very effective recruiting tool. It will reduce their scheduling hassles, make their surgical experience more pleasant, and reduce the amount of wasted time that drives most surgeons crazy. You already provide donuts and lunch just like other hospitals. Why not try something that could make a real difference. New surgeons mean more patients – priceless.
  • Reduce Liability: Let’s face it. Your Surgical Techs and OR Nurses are already first assisting in surgery. They haven’t learned to be good at it and they aren’t certified to do it. When surgeons can’t find an assistant or their regular assistant is late or doesn’t show up at all, somebody from your OR staff steps up. Judge for yourself how much your liability increases when anyone performs in a role in surgery they weren’t formally trained and certified for. Discuss it with your Risk Manager or Compliance Officer. You are probably already concerned about the trending increase of surgical errors in this industry. A well-trained Surgical Assistant is far less likely to make such an error and is more capable of helping your surgeons avoid errors.
  • Joint Commission Compliance: A Joint Commission site visit is a high stress event for everyone. One thing they focus on is reviewing personnel records to determine if Surgical Techs and OR Nurses are trained and certified for what they do. If they are assisting without proper training and certification, it’ll show up in this review.

We go all out to please our corporate clients. Convenience and budget-friendly are the hallmarks of ACE training. You’ll save and make so much more than you’ll ever spend on training.

  • Students can continue working while they train. Most of the ACE Program is done online to accommodate your surgery schedule.
  • There are only 6 days of down time for hands-on training to acquire necessary surgical skills
  • We can bring the 6-day lab right to your hospital for unbelievable convenience. Save on travel expenses.
  • They get clinical experience at your hospital supervised by your surgeons
  • They’ll be eligible to sit for the ABSA exam and become SA-C (Surgical Assistant – Certified)

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