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Benefits of Surgical Assistants to Hospital Administrations

Decrease Costs & Increase Revenue!

Now more than ever, hospitals are faced with serious budgetary issues that translate into layoffs and rising costs for operations and procedures. One way to get "more done with less" for hospital administrators is through ACE's market-leading Surgical Assistant Program. Training your surgical technologists and nurses to first assist in surgery decreases costs and increases revenue because your offer your current staff members with career advancement, which reduces attrition.

In addition, the training they receive adds value to your surgeons so it's harder for another hospital to tempt them away from you. New surgeons are attracted to your hospital because of this value-added service. This boosts your ability to recruit new surgeons.

Other benefits reaped from our budget-friendly Surgical Assistant Program include:

  • Revenue from assistant's cases by relying on our new and unique proprietary staffing solution
  • Happier surgeons
  • Reduced liability for surgeons and the hospital
  • Reduced possibility surgical errors
  • Increase Joint Commission compliance
  • Increased Operating Room utilization

The Dangers of First Assisting Without Training & Certification

Your hospital's financial health is at risk in this sue-happy society. Your surgical technicians and nurses must regularly first assist from time to time, but if they lack the appropriate training and certification to first assist, this can be a problem. For example, many hospitals record them on the Op Report as second scrub instead of first assistant. This is problematic in medical/legal terms. A smart lawyer could use this information to weaken or destroy your defense in a malpractice case. He could claim the OR record was falsified to cover up the fact that a person was assigned to first assist who wasn't trained and certified for it.

By turning to ACE Surgical Assisting , you no longer have to worry about any liability issues by properly training your staff to first assist through our surgical assistant program.

This will allow you to:

  • Continue to assign your staff without fear of adverse consequences
  • Accurately record the first assistant as the first assistant, not as the second scrub
  • Your staff will qualify upon graduation for the national ABSA first assistant certifying exam to become an SA-C (Surgical Assistant – Certified), on our dime
  • Prepare your staff for high-level surgical performance.

Who is qualified to enroll?

In order to qualify for enrollment to our ACE Surgical First Assistant Program, enrollees must also meet one of the following requirement categories:

  • RN's with two years of OR experience and scrub proficiency
  • Surgical technologists with proof of graduation from a civilian or military Surgical Tech Program
  • Surgical Technologists who were trained on-the-job. They must provide proof of high school graduation (or GED equivalency), at least two years of scrub experience in the OR, and proof of completion of the basic OR sciences
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP), Physician Assistants (PA), Medical Doctors (MD foreign and domestic), and Osteopathic Doctors (DO). It is preferable, but not required, that these professionals have scrub experience in the OR.

In addition, enrollees must provide two letters from surgeons recommending them to the program. We do not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or disability. Our online Basic OR Sciences may also be the perfect refresher course for those who have been out of school for a long time or are nervous about heading back to the OR.

Offering Alternative Certification for OR Nurses Interested in Advancement

If your OR Nurses have an associate degree in nursing or diploma nurses, they must meet numerous requirements in order to become Certified RN First Assistants (CRNFA), such as going back to college to earn a bachelor's degree and getting 2,000 hours of documented first assisting experience, to name a few. Not only does it take a lot of time, it can also be very costly. ACE is proud to offer OR nurses the alternative of becoming a Certified Surgical Assistant (SA-C) instead.

In fact, many BSN's choose ACE for assisting training even though they are closer to meeting the CRNFA eligibility requirements for the following reasons:

  • They still will be required to sit for the CNOR
  • They still have to get 2,000 hours of assisting experience before they qualify
  • Most CCI accepted programs have very little hands-on training to prepare them for the OR.

ADN's and diploma nurses are welcome without the added burdens of earning a CNOR and going back to university (CNOR and a BA degree are welcome but not required). They'll be immediately eligible upon graduation to sit for the ABSA certifying exam and earn the nationally recognized and prestigious SA-C title.

Have more questions? Contact us today for more information.

Our Surgical Assistant Program is approved by the American Board of Surgical Assistants (ABSA). We also offer a six-day Surgical SkillLab™ for those on your staff who don't need to take the complete Surgical Assistant Program but could brush up on their skills.

To learn more about how the ACE Surgical Assistant Program can benefit your staff, please contact us for more information.