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The Ideal Surgical Assistant Program for Active Duty Surgical Techs and Veterans.

Military Trained? Our Program Works With Your Experience

ACE is a veteran-owned company. If you are active military or a veteran, we at ACE thank you for your service. We appreciate the chance you’ve now given us to be of service to you. The ACE program is good training for military trained Surgical Techs, both on active duty and veterans.

ACE training perfectly fits your unique circumstances as a military Surgical Tech. You are very busy. You work unusual hours. You may be deployed to a foreign military base or theater of operations.

Why choose our program?

  • The ACE program is online. Easy participation anywhere in the world with internet access.
  • You must be off duty for just 6 days to get intensive hands-on training
  • You get clinical experience at your duty station with the support of surgeons you currently work with. ACE already has clinical affiliations with several military hospitals including Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. We can work with your military hospital too – whether in the US or overseas.
  • The ACE Surgical Assistant Program qualifies you to sit for the nationally recognized ABSA certifying exam and become SA-C (Surgical Assistant – Certified)

Active Military

If you are being asked to first assist in surgery occasionally or as a regular part of your duties, the ACE program can help you achieve a much higher level of performance. We focus on giving our students ‘surgeon-level’ assisting skills. Decide for yourself if that would give you a greater sense of contribution to patient outcomes, a sense of pride in a job well done, and open desirable opportunities for advancement.

If you are being discharged soon, transitioning successfully to the private sector is a concern. Training as a Surgical Assistant increases opportunities for employment or self-employment. If you have the strong capabilities both as a tech and a Surgical Assistant, your civilian employer will enjoy more flexibility in managing the surgery schedule. That is a huge plus that could put you at the head of the line when hiring decisions are made.

With advanced training from ACE, you won’t feel you are not allowed to do as much in civilian life as you were trusted with in the military.

Words from Our Founder

“When I got out of the Navy in 1978, it was difficult to get a job as a Surgical Tech. It seemed my military training wasn’t as respected as I had hoped. But with persistence, I finally landed a job. Although, I was happy to work in the Operating Room again, I always felt I was under-utilized based on the first assisting skills I picked up in the Navy. I wasn’t appreciated for what I was actually capable of.

It wasn’t until I received first assistant training and national certification that I began to realize my full potential. I was finally allowed to match my military experience in civilian life. In fact, I went well beyond because of my surgeon-level skills training.

I also started a Surgical Assistant business so I could bill the patient’s health insurance for my services just like surgeons do. Compare: In the 1980s I worked 50-60 hours a week to make $35,000 as a Surgical Tech. In 1989 I began making $105,000 as a self-employed Surgical Assistant working just 20 hours a week! Quite a difference.

This is the potential I want to impart to our military trained Surgical Techs as they prepare to transition to civilian life.”

- Dan Bump CST, CSFA, SA-C, President/CEO ACE Surgical Assisting, Inc.


If you are a veteran, does Dan’s story (above) strike a chord with you? Not able to do as much in surgery as you were trusted to do in the military? After all, unlike your commanding officers, your civilian employers must consider their liability. The ACE program solves these problems for you. It gets you back to the level of performance you were used to in the military and beyond. On top of that, it reduces the surgical risk and liability of doing something in surgery you weren’t formally trained and certified to do.

How do you qualify for the ACE Surgical Assistant Program?

Military Trained Surgical Technologists: We give a great amount of credence to the military Surgical Technology training and military experiences you’ve had.

  • Provide your diploma and form DD214 showing graduation from a military Surgical Technology Program
  • Surgical Tech certification is welcome but not required
  • Letters from two surgeons recommending you to the ACE program

Contact us or give us a call (866) 223-2778 to and have all of your questions answered. You’ll soon be on the fast track to remarkable career success.