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Ideal Training for Physician Assistants for the Operating Room

Physician Assistants qualify to sit for the ABSA certifying exam after only completing the ACE 6-day Surgical SkillLab™. Because of your comprehensive scholastic background as mid-level practitioner, you aren’t required to take the entire Surgical Assistant Program. The credential you’ll earn is SA-C (Surgical Assistant – Certified).

An increasing number of State Medical Boards, hospital credentialing committees, and patient health insurance providers are requiring that Physician Assistants get ‘surgery specific’ training before they can first assist in surgery.

Despite your excellent training, most PA programs don’t prepare you to first assist. Surgeons watch your surgical skills and judge whether you deserve more opportunities to perform or not. After all, they are governed by the axiom to do no harm.

  • If you perform surgical skills like experienced surgeons do, they’ll judge that it will benefit the patient to let you perform at the higher-level ACE trains you for.
  • If you haven’t been taught any surgical skills, they must protect their patients from you. This probably means limiting you to tasks less likely to harm the patient, like holding retractors, suctioning, and cutting suture.

The ACE 6-day lab is a big confidence builder. Your new surgical skills will speak well of you, inspire your surgeon to trust you with surgeon-level tasks, and open doors to expanded practice.

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