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Registered Nurse First Attendant (RNFA) Training

Hands-on Training for the First Assistant

Have you been trained on-the-job as a surgical assistant or RNFA? Did you go to a surgical assistant program that didn't include enough hands-on training to properly prepare you for the rigors of the operating room? If so, you may already be losing some opportunities and don't even realize it.

Some surgical assistant programs offer only a couple of hours of hands-on training on a pig's foot, and then tell you to ask your surgeons to teach you surgical skills. The problem is that surgeons judge you while they are teaching you. They'll watch your skills (or lack thereof) and judge whether or not you deserve more opportunities. They'll judge how much work it is going to be for them to teach you all the things you should have learned in school. They may even have to judge how they are going to protect their patient from you.

Proper hands-on training is a must for anybody first assisting in the OR. It can absolutely mean the difference between your success and failure.

ACE Surgical Assisting Programs Offer the an Array of Benefits

Benefits Include:

  • You'll only need to take off six days for hands-on surgical skills training.
  • We take the training around the country, so there may be a lab within driving distance from you.
  • We also offer hosted labs; if you would like your hospital to host the lab, call us for details.
  • Get your clinical experience at your own hospital with surgeons with whom you already work.
  • The ACE Surgical Assistant Program qualifies you to sit for the ABSA exam and become SA-C
  • You gain great surgical skills to impress your surgeons and gain opportunities.

Being a properly trained and certified surgical assistant puts you in a higher professional category, regardless of whether you were previously a surgical tech or an OR nurse. We can help you improve your career with our training. We will even work around your schedule, for your convenience.

How Do I Qualify for the Full ACE Surgical Assistant Program?

If you were trained on-the-job as a surgical tech before you started assisting, show the following:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Two or more years of experience in the OR
  • Transcripts showing successful completion of basic OR sciences*
  • Surgical Technologist certification is welcome, but not required
  • Two letters of recommendation from surgeons
  • One letter from your employer as proof of scrub experience in the OR

*Basic OR sciences include anatomy and physiology, microbiology, surgical pharmacology, pathophysiology, and medical terminology.

If you were already trained as a surgical tech or an OR nurse in a formal setting prior to assisting, the requirements are reduced to: proof of graduation from your highest level of medical training, letters of recommendation, and proof of experience from an employer.

Contact ACE Surgical Assisting today t o enroll or request more information about hands-on RNFA training!