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The ACE Surgical Assistant Program is approved by the American Board of Surgical Assistants (ABSA). All those who successfully graduate from the ACE Program, are immediately eligible to sit for the ABSA certifying exam and earn the prestigious and nationally recognized title SA-C (Surgical Assistant – Certified).

Graduating from the ACE Program says that you are properly trained to cover a position the American College of Surgeons (ACS) says would ideally be covered by another surgeon. You aren’t a glorified retractor holder. ABSA believes the same about you as the ACS and ACE does. So the SA-C properly represents someone with your degree of training and abilities. Wear it proudly.

Attention PAs, NPs, and MDs: Because of your extensive medical/surgical education, you’ll qualify to sit for the ABSA exam immediately after completing just the ACE 6-Day Surgical SkillLab.

Attention Surgical Techs: One of the benefits of the SA-C title is it doesn’t anchor you to your tech title. It does not reduce you to ‘a tech with additional training’ for wound closure. Instead, it elevates you to a Surgical Assistant with more of a mid-level provider status (like a PA but just for surgery).

When you are performing the duties your surgeon directs, no one can legitimately claim, “Techs can’t do that!” If they do, your response could be, “Of course techs can’t do that. That’s why I went to school to become a Surgical Assistant and got my SA-C certification.”

Attention OR Nurses: The SA-C is widely accepted both nationwide as well as internationally. Most hospitals just want you to be certified for what you do in the Operating Room. That reduces their liability. If your hospital insists that their OR Nurses can only go to a CCI accepted RNFA Program and sit for the CRNFA exam, it might be worth your while to fight it. Surgeons that are loyal to you may be able to make a big difference here – especially if hospital bylaws have to be changed.

Why should you have to become a CNOR, earn a Bachelor’s Degree, and log in 2,000 hours of RNFA time before you can get certified? Finishing your nursing education, gaining your OR experience, and successfully completing the ACE Surgical Assistant Program are no small tasks. They are huge accomplishments! ABSA appreciates all the hard work it took you to get to this point in your nursing career. There is no need to pile on. So you are eligible for the certifying exam immediately up completion of the ACE program.

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