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Change Lives and Transform the World with Improved Surgical Care!

Dan Bump, President, CEO ACE Surgical Assisting, Inc.

“ACE changes lives one patient at a time with effective, surgeon-level training in the field of surgical assisting. This unique ACE brand of training elevates the quality and safety of care in surgery. With an army of ACE Trained Assistants, we’ll transform the world.”

What are the results of increasing the level of skill in surgery? Improved patient outcomes and fewer surgical mistakes. The Surgical Assistant is the only team member who gets as close to the action as the surgeon does – close enough to do the patient harm or accomplish great good. ACE training makes the difference.

According to WebMD, an estimated 4,044 surgical mistakes occur every year in the United States which they admit this is probably a huge underestimate. Imagine the world-wide numbers! ACE Surgical Assistant training changes lives one patient at a time. The more assistants we train, the sooner we’ll reach a tipping point where lives are changed on such a massive scale the world is transformed.

One assistant will contribute to an improved level of care for around a 1,000 surgical patients a year. That’s 10,000 patients over a ten year period! Just one ACE Trained Assistant makes a marked difference in the world.

Now consider the result of training just 100 assistants a year for a total of 1,000 assistants over a 10 year period. 1,000 ACE Trained Assistants positively impact the lives of over 10 million patients over 10 years! We are currently training well over 100 and our enrollments are trending upwards with a strategy in place to enroll more than 500 students every year by 2020.


An ACE Trained Assistant with surgeon-level skills is very different from a glorified retractor holder or someone with wound closure skills.

He or she changes the lives in 2 vital ways:

  • The patient enjoys improved surgical outcomes.
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable ACE assistants have the wherewithal to avoid their own surgical mistakes and to help surgeons avoid mistakes. That’s not just life-changing, it’s life-saving!


ACE training will improve your outlook on life and assist you in fulfilling your purpose.

  • You love surgery and, as an assistant, you’ll be the only one on the entire team to get as close to the surgical action as your surgeon.
  • You will have a greater influence on positive patient outcomes.
  • You’ll enjoy greater challenge, responsibility, and opportunity to earn the respect and greater trust of your surgeons.
  • You will be uniquely positioned to earn a life-changing income. Many Surgical Assistants earn mid 6-figure incomes.


  • When an ACE Trained Assistant prevents a surgical mistake, she saves her surgeon the heartbreak of unintentionally harming the patient and any resulting lawsuit.
  • The surgeon enjoys the procedure more because he knows the assistant has his back.
  • He doesn’t have to keep such a close eye on his assistant which allows him to focus more intensely on the procedure without distraction, assuring a safe and successful surgery.
  • The assistant safely speeds up the surgery so more surgeries can be scheduled in a day.
  • Surgeons won’t have to first assist each other and that changes everything. It frees up precious time. More time for patients; more time for practice-building; and more time for family.

ACE training changes the lives of everyone it touches. Patients, ACE Trained Assistants, surgeons, and the families of everyone involved. Each and every ACE Trained Assistant does their part in transforming the world, one patient at a time. Let us know if you’d like to be part of the ACE mission.

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