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“This course is extremely helpful for perfecting OR assisting skills. I was most happy with slowing down each motion to perfect a certain activity/skill.” Melisa Miner

“Great program. I feel it will prepare me for real OR situations. SkillLab was very positive and good real life examples of situations in the OR. Simulators were very helpful and changes my perspective on Micro and Laparoscopic cases.” Kristy Aycinena

“The overall Lab was a lot of information in 6 days. But it was broken down in a way that made it easy to understand and apply it ourselves. The procedures are done every day in the OR but there is a better understanding of the step-by-step now. Dan Bump has much experience in surgery and his techniques and videos were very helpful to my learning. I never thought I would be able to attempt to suture an anastomosis, but I was able to perform well from both the surgeon & assistant point of view. I have a better understanding of surgery techniques. This will help me in becoming a better assistant. Whether you are going for first assist or just working in the OR, the skills the lab teaches you are extremely beneficial and make you more valuable as an assistant.” Matt Gomez

“Dan is an excellent instructor! He seems very concerned for our future in assisting. He wants to see his students succeed and that we are not just some paid customer. I really enjoyed the TAH. I will admit I was nervous playing the role of a surgeon. I have learned many awesome techniques today that I was never aware of during surgery. I really enjoyed the crossword puzzles, pop quizzes, and anatomy labeling exercises. By far, the Transverse Colon Resection was my favorite exercise!! I really like the sliding stitches and fireman throw. I had a great experience. Overall, I am learning so much! I know this is a program you should try. It is an online program that you can work at your own pace. It has a hands-on lab that is very beneficial to your profession. The staff is very helpful and supportive. Best of all, it’s the cheapest program I could find online.” Christine Mohart

“The program is very helpful. They want you to pass and assist in any way possible. Teaching is straight forward with surgical simulations and hands-on simulators.” Andrew Elder

“A great program. You learn so much. It’s not suture & tying only. They have simulators that replicate operations. Yeah! We took out a uterus, put in a graft, did a hemicolectomy, and an anastomosis.” Walter Barney

“I think this is a very effective program. The hands-on training was exceptional. If you want a quick, effective program to be an assistant, attend ACE!” Dustin Young

“I am very pleased with this program. Very professionally done. I was very happy with the Microsurgery and Laparoscopy simulations. The most valuable thing to me was the two hand tying and one hand tying. Wonderful instructor time & patience. This program is wonderful. You get way more than you expect from the money spent.” Joel Robinson

“The program is a wonderful example that guides FA’s to better assist at a next level. I was very happy with the TAH simulation. It shows the professional to be prepared like a surgeon. Tying is one of the most valuable benefits as well as suturing in order for cases to move faster and properly. Definitely join the program. It will make you an ACE in the field of surgery. Not only will your physicians trust you more, they will also recommend you to other physicians of the facility.” Keneete D. Macedo

“ACE overall is a good teaching company. The lab was a great experience and well worth it! Dan did a great job with the lab, really kept my attention, and taught me a ton. I got a deeper understanding of what an assistant does for the surgeon. I am very excited to start this new stage of my surgical career. ACE is a company that truly cares for their students. They want us to thrive and become very successful. I’m lucky to be a part of this program.” Joseph R. Forster

“Great company! I’m very pleased with how comfortable I feel asking everyone questions as well as for help. When having problems with hotel accommodations ACE only took one day to fix the problem, making my overall experience better. I got a better understanding of anatomy as well as skills I know will transfer directly and quickly to my OR experience. The hands-on experience at the lab exceeded even my greatest expectations. They not only prepare you for continuing in surgery, but also teach you ways to profit in this career.” Clayton Roberts

“ACE is a very approachable company. Everyone who worked with me answered questions quickly. Maggie responded to my concerns about tests. I really value the videos (skills videos on the website) that last forever. Lab was great! Dan is a great teacher. Great at constructive criticism. Great sense of humor. Keeps everyone engaged. Intense lab but full of information.” Nancy Kilpatrick

“I have enjoyed ACE’s program. The lab has been extremely knowledgeable and has taught me a lot. I really enjoyed the learning experience of tying. I was not understanding when reading about tying, but once I saw how to do it in the lab, I caught right on. The different surgeries we learned to do are a big benefit. Different suturing techniques we learned will benefit me when I get back to my hospital. This program is highly recommendable! The lab gives you a ton of information and works you on different skills. And you meet people with different experiences.” Brittney Gipe

“Excellent! All lab experience has been excellent. Dan is knowledgeable in all surgical roles. Dan knows how to teach on all levels. I feel very confident that I can return to the OR with professional skills. This excellent program will prepare you for all roles as an assistant. The tying skills are fantastic. Dan is very good and loves to teach. He is very patient, great personality!” Carolyn Parr

“The greatest value was having an instructor care enough about his field to teach others and give us the opportunity to excel. The surgery simulators really help in getting that ‘hands-on’ guide. Really helpful! One-on-one coaching helps the student feel guided not pressured and that’s extremely important for someone stepping into the First Assistant role. ACE is very organized. Their website is easy to man and see my work progress. And I am very happy with the communication! You never have a problem getting ahold of someone!! Huge Plus!” Amy Finch

“A very professional company. Keith, Maggie, and Dan are very easy to talk to. Any time I have questions and call, everyone always has time to answer questions or my emails. The most valuable thing to me was learning the correct way of tying. It has helped me to correct my ways. I love the fact that the program is online and I still have the support of the staff. I have recommended this program to several people. The skills lab was fun and very informative & hands-on.” Nancy Fields


Skills of a surgeon

Knowledge surgeons use when they first assist

Ability to assist like a surgeon right out of school