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Our experience has been that many employers will pay their assistants anywhere from $2.00 to $8.00 per hour more than what they were paying them before they completed Surgical Assistant training. This is largely because employers continue to see you as an advanced version of a Surgical Tech or an OR Nurse.

If your employer can see you should be in a different category with more responsibility, more liability, and deserving of a higher pay scale, you could do much better. says in an article entitled Surgical Assistant Vs Surgical Technologist, “Although the average starting salary for surgical assistants is $55,000, the average annual salary is $75,000 and a surgical assistant may make as much as $200,000.” reports the average salary of the surgical assistant to be $70,951.

The same could be said to be true of OR Nurses except they start off with a higher average pay simply because the average pay of a nurse is higher than that of a tech.

PAs and NPs will probably make no more money than they would normally make. The value of Surgical Assistant training is it opens up an avenue of greater and more successful participation in surgery.

The salaries reported above do not take into account call pay, shift differential, and overtime. Here is another thing to think seriously about for a person with any of the above medical backgrounds:

“I made $105,000 annually as a freelance surgical assistant. And to make that, I only had to work an average of 20 hours per week. That comports very well with the report of $200,000 for full-time assistants.

Well things have changed significantly for the better from the time when I started assisting back in 1989. Back then, the company I was with was charging the patient’s insurance 18% of the surgeon’s fee for my services. This did not come out of the surgeon’s fee. It was just a method of calculating the fee for the assistant. We chose 18% to charge less than a surgeon who assisted in hopes that insurance companies would start to prefer us. Didn’t turn out that way.

Now most surgical assistants charge the same as a surgeon who assists, which is around 35%. If you are self-employed, you get to choose what you charge. Some decide to charge even more than 35%. So today’s surgical assistants charge double, if not more, of what we used to charge.

What are the results? Well I haven’t asked a lot of surgical assistants what they make. But I do know specifically of 2 assistants who make in the $350,000 range. It varies depending on your case load, the kind of cases you assist on, how much you charge, and how effectively you collect your fee from the insurance carrier.” Dan Bump, President, CEO, ACE Surgical Assisting

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