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What Is the Difference Between a Surgical Assistant Who Makes $70,000 And One Who Makes $350,000?

The ACE Surgical Assistant Program was developed for Surgical Technologists to become extraordinary Surgical Assistants, give them a competitive edge for freelance success, and make a life-changing six-figure living.

Turns out…

ACE training is also perfect for Techs who want to advance their careers and enhance their earning potential as hospital-employed Surgical Assistants!

Nothing Compares to the ACE Surgical Assistant Program!

Most Surgical Assisting schools start program development by theorizing on what knowledge, skills, and experience students would need to first assist as a hospital employee.

ACE’s founder Dan Bump started with a different premise. Why not train all students the way he’d train freelance assistants? Surgeons demand the same high level of performance from freelance assistants as they would from another surgeon. ‘Surgeon-Level’ is a career-booster for any Surgical Assistant regardless of the employment path.

Dan worked 50 to 60 hours a week to make $35,000 as a Surgical Technologist. But in his first year as a freelance Surgical Assistant, he worked only 20 hours a week to earn a whopping $105,000! What a life-changing difference. Now he’s on a mission to give you the same opportunity.

With Dan there is no theorizing involved. He broke new ground in the early 1990’s when he developed the country’s very first distance-learning Surgical Assistant Program for a company called Colorado Surgical Assisting (CSA). His mission was to give Surgical Technologists the 3 most valuable attributes of a surgeon – their skills, knowledge, and ability.

The results? Everybody he trained for CSA earned six-figure incomes. Now Dan is bringing his unique brand of six-figure training to Surgical Technologists around the country with the ACE Surgical Assistant Program.

Our Program Is Ideal for Surgical Technologists

Look. It’s likely you’ve been doing some first assisting already and not getting any recognition for it. You want to be entered into the operative record as the first assistant instead of second scrub. Some recognition in your paycheck would be great too. Now you can take the Surgical Assistant Program that makes a clear difference. It’s ideal for you!

  • Affordable – on a Surgical Technologist’s salary
  • Convenient – perfect for busy surgical professionals
  • Teaching methods – bypass beginner status and easily train for expertise
  • Qualify – to sit for the ABSA certifying exam and become SA-C (Surgical Assistant – Certified)

Ever think your career is stuck? Want to take it to the next level? This could be the call that changes everything!

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