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This course is extremely helpful for perfecting OR assisting skills. I was most happy with slowing down each motion to perfect a certain activity/skill.”
- Melisa Miner CST, SA

“Great program. I feel it will prepare me for real OR situations. SkillLab was very positive and good real life examples of situations in the OR. Simulators were very helpful and changes my perspective on Micro and Laparoscopic cases.”

- Kristy Aycinena ST

“The overall Lab was a lot of information in 6 days. But it was broken down in a way that made it easy to understand and apply it ourselves. The procedures are done every day in the OR but there is a better understanding of the step-by-step now. Dan Bump has much experience in surgery and his techniques and videos were very helpful to my learning. I never thought I would be able to attempt to suture an anastomosis, but I was able to perform well from both the surgeon & assistant point of view. I have a better understanding of surgery techniques. This will help me in becoming a better assistant. Whether you are going for first assist or just working in the OR, the skills the lab teaches you are extremely beneficial and make you more valuable as an assistant.”

- Matt Gomez ST

Dan is an excellent instructor! He seems very concerned for our future in assisting. He wants to see his students succeed and that we are not just some paid customer. I really enjoyed the TAH. I will admit I was nervous playing the role of a surgeon. I have learned many awesome techniques today that I was never aware of during surgery. I really enjoyed the crossword puzzles, pop quizzes, and anatomy labeling exercises. By far, the Transverse Colon Resection was my favorite exercise!! I really like the sliding stitches and fireman throw. I had a great experience. Overall, I am learning so much & this is going to make me a better scrub tech and assistant! I know this is a program you should try. It is an online program that you can work at your own pace. It has a hands-on lab that is very beneficial to your profession. The staff is very helpful and supportive. Best of all, it’s the cheapest program I could find online.
- Christine Mohart CST

“The program is very helpful. They want you to pass and assist in any way possible. Teaching is straight forward with surgical simulations and hands-on simulators.”

- Andrew Elder LPN, ST

“A great program. You learn so much. It’s not suture & tying only. They have simulators that replicate operations. Yeah! We took out a uterus, put in a graft, did a hemicolectomy, and an anastomosis.”

- Walter Barney CST

I think this is a very effective program. The hands-on training was exceptional. If you want a quick, effective program to be an assistant, attend ACE!
- Dustin Young ST

“I am very pleased with this program. Very professionally done. I was very happy with the Microsurgery and Laparoscopy simulations. The most valuable thing to me was the two hand tying and one hand tying. Wonderful instructor time & patience. This program is wonderful. You get way more than you expect from the money spent.”

- Joel Robinson CST

The program is a wonderful example that guides FA’s to better assist at a next level. I was very happy with the TAH simulation. It shows the professional to be prepared like a surgeon. Tying is one of the most valuable benefits as well as suturing in order for cases to move faster and properly. Definitely join the program. It will make you an ACE in the field of surgery. Not only will your physicians trust you more, they will also recommend you to other physicians of the facility.
- Keneete D. Macedo ST

“ACE overall is a good teaching company. The lab was a great experience and well worth it! Dan did a great job with the lab, really kept my attention, and taught me a ton. I got a deeper understanding of what a SA does for the surgeon. I am very excited to start this new stage of my surgical career. ACE is a company that truly cares for their students. They want us to thrive and become very successful. I’m lucky to be a part of this program.”

- Joseph R. Forster ST

“Great company! I’m very pleased with how comfortable I feel asking everyone questions as well as for help. When having problems with hotel accommodations ACE only took one day to fix the problem, making my overall experience better. I got a better understanding of anatomy as well as skills I know will transfer directly and quickly to my OR experience. The hands-on experience at the lab exceeded even my greatest expectations. They not only prepare you for continuing in surgery, but also teach you ways to profit in this career.”

- Clayton Roberts ST

ACE is a very approachable company. Everyone who worked with me answered questions quickly. Maggie responded to my concerns about tests. I really value the videos (skills videos on the website) that last forever. Lab was great! Dan is a great teacher. Great at constructive criticism. Great sense of humor. Keeps everyone engaged. Intense lab but full of information.
- Nancy Kilpatrick ST

“I have enjoyed ACE’s program. The lab has been extremely knowledgeable and has taught me a lot. I really enjoyed the learning experience of tying. I was not understanding when reading about tying, but once I saw how to do it in the lab, I caught right on. The different surgeries we learned to do are a big benefit. Different suturing techniques we learned will benefit me when I get back to my hospital. This program is highly recommendable! The lab gives you a ton of information and works you on different skills. And you meet people with different experiences.”

- Brittney Gipe ST

“Excellent! All lab experience has been excellent. Dan is knowledgeable in all surgical roles. Dan knows how to teach on all levels. I feel very confident that I can return to the OR with professional skills. This excellent program will prepare you for all roles as an assistant. The tying skills are fantastic. Dan is very good and loves to teach. He is very patient, great personality!”

- Carolyn Parr CST

“The greatest value was having an instructor care enough about his field to teach others and give us the opportunity to excel. The surgery simulators really help in getting that ‘hands-on’ guide. Really helpful! One-on-one coaching helps the student feel guided not pressured and that’s extremely important for someone stepping into the First Assistant role. ACE is very organized. Their website is easy to man and see my work progress. And I am very happy with the communication! You never have a problem getting ahold of someone!! Huge Plus!”
- Amy Finch LPN, ST

“A very professional company. Keith, Maggie, and Dan are very easy to talk to. Any time I have questions and call, everyone always has time to answer questions or my emails. The most valuable thing to me was learning the correct way of tying. It has helped me to correct my ways. I love the fact that the program is online and I still have the support of the staff. I have recommended this program to several people. The skills lab was fun and very informative & hands-on.”

- Nancy Fields CST

“Closing the different layers of the incision was very helpful. The micro & laparoscopic stations were an eye opening experience, one where I need more practice. I am much more confident about my tying technique. Now I possess a full understanding of when and why to use the different suturing techniques. The AAA lab was my favorite because that is the area I work in most often. It was fun to try to do an anastomosis as well as the surgeons I work with. Overall it gave me a better understanding of how I can better assist them.

ACE Surgical offers a great service to Surgical Techs or anyone looking to enhance their skills. The skills lab was very informative and helpful in my assisting career. I learned a lot of skills that will make me better equipped to do a great job. Learning the different suturing techniques and when to apply them is worth its weight in gold. ACE is a great program. The lab instructor is very knowledgeable and can help you a lot. Everyone in the office is very helpful and make the experience as easy as possible.”

- Jeremy Brazzell ST

“ACE has a very friendly and helpful staff. Good concepts of what students need to learn. Experience was excellent! Instructor was extremely thorough. I loved the visual aids. The simulation was not what I expected but very well done. Microsurgery was not something I had much experience with. The module was very helpful and confidence building. Step-by-step instructions very thorough. Suture techniques and placement of sutures was nice to have in my knowledge base. In vascular, I learned a technique I’d never seen before (spearing technique). It worked quite well. The surgical simulator was helpful in seeing a 3D picture of the colon anatomy.”

- Jessie Garner LPN, ST

“ACE was very helpful. They want us to do well and pass! They will do whatever they can to make it go smoothly for us. Answered questions in a timely manner. When I called to have a test re-opened, they did it while I was on the phone with them. I got to know how to suture ‘the ACE way’ and how it all flows. Nice to learn a bunch of different ways to tie; one-handed, two-handed, and instrument tying. I have a much better understanding of the anatomy and sutures to use on specific parts of the body. Watching the videos and then getting to practice what you just watched is very helpful. The way the ‘microscope lab’ was set up was very cool! Great experience being able to practice/learn in a setting like that.”

- Heidi Bemboom ST

ACE is a great company. Everyone is helpful. There is someone who is always available. Everyone is friendly. Maggie helped me get my transcripts from the tech school I had gone to twenty years ago. The school wasn’t much help but Maggie got enough information from them so I could get started with the program. I feel doing the simulators was the best. Also, using the memory tools and the online videos.

I enjoyed the Lab. I think the role playing of surgery is great. Seeing it in the Lab has helped me a lot. Now I have a better understanding of my role as a Surgical Assistant. ACE prepares you and provides you with all the tools necessary to be a great assistant. Thanks for all the great tips and help.

- Luis Robles CST

“ACE is very easy to work with. Very knowledgeable in all aspects of the SA, many that I hadn’t even thought of ‘til we discussed them. I was very happy with the patience I was shown. Processing all the new data took me a little longer than Dan and he adjusted to us at our learning level. The greatest value I received from the lab was the role playing as a surgeon and as an SA. It makes you adjust your frame of mind as well as well as having the Hands-On.

Dan was highly skilled and was able to teach in a way that we could learn. The hands-on was in-depth without being overwhelming. The suturing and tying labs were GREAT!! Dan’s ability to break down the process into comprehensible steps was priceless. The one-on-one is great! Personalized Correction on our technique is prompt and without ridicule.”

- Brooke Varga CST

“Mine was a great experience! ACE helped and answered the questions I had. I will recommend ACE to anybody wanting to be a SA. I was very happy with being shown details in technique to make assisting look good and smooth. One of the most valuable things was learning which hand to push with when I deep tie. Also learning how to close an incision and anatomically correct, not overlapped.

You want to go to ACE! Dan is very informative and organized in his teaching. Don’t worry about a pig lab. You’re not going to be working on pigs. Save yourself some cash and learn great technique. Online learning and test taking with ACE is simple. If you stay up on your paperwork and communicate with ACE, you’ll do great.”

- Jose Coronado ST

I don’t do vascular at the hospital I work at. So the vascular day was very informative. I work at a small hospital so I will probably never do a AAA Repair but I liked learning new things. The hands-on training was great. I am a visual person so it really helps me to understand the process. I really appreciate the step-by-step instructions on the Suture & Tying days. I could not tie left handed before coming to this lab. I could not tie one-handed with either hand. I practiced both of them prior to coming here. I was unable to achieve it until completing the lab. Now I prefer to tie with my left hand.

 I think this is a very helpful program. I would recommend it to a friend. ACE is not just about getting you through the program. They want you to be confident with your skills when you graduate. This lab was very helpful. I feel like I’m more equipped to do my surgical clinicals. And it greatly helped me achieve my goal of being a first assist
- Alisha Pierce ST

“ACE is very good. They take the time to answer questions that you may have without the feeling of embarrassment. When I struggled with a tie, Dan didn’t leave me or make me feel bad until I got it. I have not been in the main OR for some time now. I’ve been doing C-Sections. But Dan explained things to me to allow me to remember them.

ACE gives you the option to go at your own pace or of a more structured pace. They take their time and teach you the correct way and they don’t take shortcuts. At the lab, Dan trains you to be the best SA there can be.”

- Ann Lewis CST

“ACE has been excellent. It has been down to earth and very student oriented. I liked being able to ask about anything and getting an answer that is broken down. I watched videos before coming to the lab and still couldn’t tie. Dan broke it down and made it easy. I like the way he teaches. He takes his time and goes step-by step. You should choose ACE over the others. The cost is very competitive and inexpensive. Plus the lab is very helpful. It brings your confidence and skill level to the next level.”

- Robert Maxam ST

“ACE is a great program with an awesome lab to attend. It has set me up so when I go back to my hospital, I’m ready for my clinicals.”

- Travis Taylor ST

“Excellent program. I will recommend it. I loved the surgical exercises. They were very helpful in developing the skills I need. I feel I can better assist my surgeons. This is the closest to hands-on development outside of real surgery. Easy to understand explanations.”

- Suzanne Menasco ST

“ACE is easy to work with. I would recommend to other people. Love it! I have had a great experience at the lab. I learned so much and had a great teacher. I benefited most from learning how to tie sutures and to do different stitching. It will help me so much in my job and my future. I will be able to do my job more proficiently. I had a great opportunity as an on-the-job trained surgical tech to become a first assistant and make more money. I’ll have better job satisfaction helping people. ACE gives you hands-on training and the opportunity to become successful.”
- Cortney Anderson ST

“ACE is an excellent company. Very helpful. I was very happy with the lab and give Maggie a raise. I really valued the way skills are broken down into basic components. It helped me better understand each skill. This is an intensive program that challenges your skills. The program is very supportive and has only your success in mind. They will help in any way they can to prepare you for your new career.”

- Christine Madeira ST

“ACE Surgical Assisting is a great company. Dan is so good with the teaching. Love the 1 on 1. I was having problems tying. Then Dan came around and gave me some pointers and bam! I’m a tying queen. I feel like I can immediately use these skills as soon as I get back to work. This program is great. The layout online, homework, etc is on point with real life. The lab is the best part. It’s the hands-on that I love the most.”

- Kristy Torres CST

ACE is doing a great job. Dan is fantastic. I love when you call you get to talk to a real person. Also, they call you back promptly. Dan did a great job at the lab. He was way better than I ever expected. The lab was very fun and a fantastic experience. Loved the practice, troubleshooting what I was doing wrong, and how to fix the mistake.

The course material is manageable with a full-time job and family. I learned a lot at the lab and now feel confident that I won’t look stupid.

- Ann Andrews CST

“I have learned a lot this week. The whole class was very good. But I liked learning the 1 handed tie best. Dan is very knowledgeable and keeps your attention.”

- Donald Drinkwater ST

ACE Surgical Assisting is committed to provide excellent training. One-on-one training with Dan is absolutely wonderful. His coaching and patience have made all the difference. The materials provided in order to get hands-on practice are wonderful.

I think ACE has an awesome program. It’s a wonderful way for us students to experience so we can be ready and comfortable using these techniques in surgery. The simulators were a great way for us to get a better idea of what we will be doing as an assistant. One of the benefits I have gotten was really understanding the way we are supposed to suture. Meaning, there’s a reason why it is important to have the right closures so it doesn’t harm patients.

I really recommend this program. It’s actually fun. You get to work as a team and learn a lot of technique that can be useful in surgery. Also techniques that will help your surgeons.

- Anamarie Vasquez ST

“ACE is an overall great company. Very helpful. Very responsive to any questions. I was very happy with the fact that the instructor and skills lab came to El Paso. How to two-hand tie and to tie with my right hand was very valuable. It will be very helpful in future cases with the Dr.

I experienced this amazing program that teaches you some amazing techniques on suturing and tying. After the skills lab, I feel more ready than anything to go out in my clinicals and start showing what I’ve learned.”

- Joanna Barrera CST

“I’m very impressed with ACE and would highly recommend! Learning how to anastomose the aorta was great. I’ve watched it many times but now I fully understand it. What I value the most is learning two-handed tying and using both hands to stay out of the surgeon’s way. At ACE you’ll learn more effective ways to first assist.”

- Sharon Newman ST

ACE Surgical is a great company. I have learned so many new things to help me perform better in my surgical setting. The simulations we a big help for me. The hands-on experience helped me understand the reasons behind the things we do in surgery. I feel more comfortable with my incision closure and I am excited to be able to use those new skills.

This program sets you up to perform at a much higher potential. The lab is a great way to learn more in-depth anatomy and reasons for doing certain things. I was very impressed with the material and the hands-on experience was a huge help.

- Destiny Washington CST

“Very good program! Taught me the skills I need to succeed. I was very happy to get the chance to perform a vascular anastomosis. The most valuable thing was suturing and tying!! These skills will give me the confidence to succeed! Dan was amazingly knowledgeable in these skills. The detail in the program is amazing.”

- Shon Hueth CST

I think ACE does a great job preparing students. Dan takes pride in his company so he makes sure we are ready to represent it! I enjoyed the step-by-step surgery simulations. That wasn’t expected. Very good skills & overall understanding was achieved by this. I feel more comfortable & confident to show off my new knowledge on suturing technique and anatomy.

 ACE provides excellent education & skills to prepare you for the real world. The classes are small enough to get adequate time with the instructor. I learned more than I thought possible in 6 days.

- Lyndsey Martinez ST

“Very nice, helpful, accommodating. Professional. Maggie contacted me & helped me get a handle on getting homework/courses/modules done! The most valuable benefits I got were knowledge and confidence! Complete immersion! Answers all questions in a timely manner. Easy to reach-personable. Relaxed but intense! You’ll love it.”

- Sharon Zeffiro ST

“ACE has made me feel much more confident assisting. I really liked doing the open abdominal hysterectomy simulation. I do a lot of OB/GYN so that really benefitted me. The suture and tying is the most beneficial because I will be doing a lot and I want to do it right and prove to the surgeons that I am capable. ACE will give you all the basic skills and knowledge you need to start your assisting career. I highly recommend it.”

- Danielle Tierney CST

“ACE is about their students and are willing to accommodate & communicate well. Dan is very friendly and helpful. I liked learning to tie correctly and small details/tricks to make things easier/faster. Thorough, detailed, helpful, and prepares well.”

- Emily Witt CST

“I am very happy with my participation with ACE. Very happy with class interaction and instructor demonstrations in learning to be a Surgical Assistant. Because of the lab I feel I can better assist the surgeons with procedures and providing better patient care. I highly recommend the program. You’ll learn so much due to the great instruction. It really will better your skill set to become a better patient provider.”

- Derek Davidson CST

“Dan taught multiple suturing skills with great detail and patience. Excellent experience that I would and will recommend to my peers. Dan has developed a program that helps students with all levels of experience and with different medical backgrounds. At the end of the week, we were all confident with our new skills.”

- Walter Scott ST

I definitely feel like ACE has increased my skills to better help the patient. I really enjoyed the hands-on training. The step-by-step videos helped me apply the skills necessary to perform the lab. Now I have confidence in knowing that I am capable of helping in surgery as efficiently as possible. If you would like to step you skills up to better provide for your family while giving the best possible care to your patients, then you should attend ACE Surgical Assisting.”
- Nathan Ladner ST

“The Surgical Assistant Program is a great way to learn to save the patient’s life – and a great way to change the lives of people who attend. I am happy to gain new experiences and skills that will help me meet my goals. I have always wanted to help patients and now my dream has come true.

This is an honest program for those who want more responsibility and knowledge. I will recommend it to my friends that are willing to continue with education. It’s a great program.”

- Eumbo John Kasongo ST

“Dan stated that ACE has been established since 2002, which I find great for I personally tried to get into this program for a quite a few years. All six days of the ACE lab were very interesting, knowledgeable, fun, real conversations, real-life experience, and different opinions. I’m very pleased with the preparation.

I most value learning the knot pushing, tying, hand/finger placement, and movements to get set up for the next move – steady and smooth. ACE Surgical Assisting is the expert way to go, if you want to get the skills and knowledge designed to be successful as a 1st assist. I feel great with the training and education I received and you will too. Thanks Dan Bump!”

- Louis Calderon CST

“Not knowing anyone who used this company, I was impressed with the level of the skills lab, one-on-one, and teaching skills. Very happy that I made the choice to use ACE. I’m very happy with the clinically accurate suturing/tying skills. I developed a greater level of confidence in the assist role. The skills lab was extremely intense. But the one-on-one made all the difference. My skill level really climbed as the week progressed.”

- Barbara Girven ST

“ACE allows surgical techs to further their education and skills and become more successful. It’s a great learning experience. I’m grateful that this program is available to take my education to a higher level in doing what I love to do.”

- Cheri Lang CST

“The ACE lab is great hands-on learning. Instructions are well explained. The highest value was understanding action moves and things/techniques being taught were important.”

- Xylina Lykins CST

“ACE is a great group. Plenty of help. This lab has really affected my confidence. It was a wonderful experience and very technically challenging. Keeps you on your game!”

- Edward Kent CST

This program is very organized and loaded with beneficial information. The material provided makes it easy to learn. ‘Vroom! Vroom!’ (a lab memory aid). That will always remind me to keep my palms down. I’m excited to get back to work and show off my new skills. We learned numerous suturing techniques. I only knew the simple stitch prior to class. Now I can use a variety to help my surgeons.

This program is awesome! Dan is very patient and takes every step slow to ensure all the students understand. The procedures and suture simulator were designed to be as realistic as possible, which gave us a much better understanding of what we would do in real-life surgery. I’m very glad I attended this program. It was a very fun and beneficial experience. I strongly recommend this program to anyone trying to advance their OR careers.

- Rachel Conlon CST

“ACE is a very well organized program. Dan is an excellent instructor. He has a lot of patience and truly wants us to learn. My specialty is maxillofacial surgery. The micro suturing really benefits me. Learning the technique will help me out a lot and prepare me.

Although this program is made to prepare students in a short amount of time, it is well organized. You are able to learn efficiently. The lab was very detailed and done at a good pace.” Erika Velasquez CST

“The lab was the best experience I ever had. I was discouraged at first but in the end I was amazed. I was happy with everything. I didn’t think I was going to make it. But I did because of Dan and my classmates. I would recommend this program to everyone.” Roslyn Brown ST, LPN

“I learned a lot of new things at the lab that I feel will be helpful in the OR. I was most happy with the one-on-one coaching I got when I was having trouble with a stitch. Afterwards, I was able to understand what I was doing wrong and correct the mistake. Small classes mean more one-on-one coaching, which I find is the most beneficial when trying to learn a lot of material in a short amount of time.

This program prepares you to exceed the expectations of any surgeon you work for. The personal coaching of the instructor gives you the confidence to succeed in your pursuit of a new career. I am very thankful that a friend recommended this program to me.” Julia Mundt CST

“Loved the whole week. I really wish this was available in my part of the country. What you offer could help so many people wanting to get into the OR (new grads). Being here has made me realize that I do have the confidence to be a good assistant. I was very nervous before coming here – doubting myself.

I was very thankful the class was small to have plenty of one-on-one with Dan. He explains things so well. Very patient with you. All the tutorials were step-by-step. Being able to follow along when learning to tie helps make it stick. Actually performing the surgery in the lab brought everything to real life.” Traci Hounshell CST

“I feel everything is very organized and efficiently run, at the skills lab and with the online courses. The entire skills lab with video demos went step-by-step to explain everything in understandable terms. Things were slowed down enough so you could really see each process.

With 26 years of OR experience, I knew the ‘idea’ of how to assist. But this course and lab have taught me how to assist the ‘correct’ way and how to do it in a very efficient manner.” Debra Keyser CST

“I found ACE very informative, professional and when I have questions they were answered in a very timely manner. Learning from two-hand to one-hand tying will make a huge difference in my upcoming career. The support from fellow students and instructor was the most beneficial for me. The laparoscopic lab was very eye opening.

I would definitely recommend this exciting experience to anyone that I work with. It has been an honor to attend the skills lab this week. It has given me a great deal of confidence for my future.” Ashley Schneider CST

“Best choice of schools I could have picked. Dan is a very good instructor. He has the awesome knowledge of the course knows how to teach it. He presents the course on a level that we could all understand. The environment was very relaxed and enjoyable to learn. Learned skills that I can now build on for life. I would recommend this class and lab to friends. Thank you for caring for your students.” Kathy White CST/CSPDT

“ACE is very knowledgeable, understanding, and caring for these students. I was very happy with the way Dan Bump teaches. He goes over everything and throws some jokes in so the class won’t be boring. I was very happy with what he created for us so we could have an awesome lab.

If you want to have some fun while you learn, ACE Surgical Assisting is for you. You’ll make more money, earn more respect, and feel better about yourself in less than a year. If you feel this is for you, give ACE a call today.” Michelle Doggett, Lead ST

“ACE Surgical Assisting is a good company to learn first assisting from. The skills lab was a wonderful experience. I learned a lot from the instructor and he was very nice. The program was awesome. I would like you to check them out and consider them first if you are considering first assisting.” Shalimar Anderson ST

“Mr. Bump did an excellent job! He was easy to talk to, fun to learn from, and really did an overall GREAT job!! There is a lot of information to learn but Mr. Bump helped to increase my motivation to finish. The entire lab week experience has been so useful and helpful. I feel that Mr. Bump truly cares for his students’ success. Suturing and tying skills can’t be self-taught using only videos. We really needed the guidance and one-on-one coaching that we received. I’m very excited to continue practicing these techniques and incorporating them in my daily job at work!” Elizabeth Culbreath ST

“I feel more confident and prepared to assist in the OR. ACE is the place where you can learn to be a good Surgical Assistant. And when you are done, you can come work for me!!” Wayne Randazzo ST

Suture & Tying I, II: My favorite part was learning how to correctly secure a drain. I have been asked to do this but could not do it. I love how Mr. Bump shows us several ways to do the same thing. I am happy to say I can tie with both hands and prefer my left now.

Total Abdominal Hysterectomy: The instruction videos and techniques shown during the lab are great. The one-on-one time is also very helpful. Mr. Bump does not move until he believes you understand and can complete the task/skill given.

Surgical Skills Variety: I really enjoyed the abdominal closure. I love having the monitors right in front of us to keep reinforcing. This closure was the most important to me because this is my field. I am thrilled that I now can say I can close properly when asked to.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair: I loved learning vascular anastomosis. It was fulfilling.

Transverse Colon Resection: This section will also be of help at my current job. The new stitches were hard but great. I will continue to study this for more confidence.

Mr. Bump is an excellent instructor and teacher. He gave his individual attention to each student and stayed until he knew they had it. He was very approachable and easy to get along with. He makes learning easy. I would recommend this program to all. The material is difficult and hard but help from ACE gets you through it.” Wendy Allen CST

“ACE provides a good foundation for going out in the field to assist. I was very happy with the attention from the instructor. The hands-on experience is priceless. It is a good value for what you are taught.” Sharon Lind ST

“I feel that this program is the best and very helpful. Would highly recommend because it’s fun and you’re learning at the same time.” Anthony Cowan CST

Online Distance Learning: Thank you very much! It was an amazing journey and writing the research paper was my favorite assignment. This course opened my eyes to details I've never noticed until now. This was an awesome experience!” Kymisha Pina ST

“I feel ACE is caring about your learning. Very good teaching. I was very happy with the demonstrations and techniques being taught. I benefitted by the deep suturing. It will come in very handy during AAA repair. Slow motion teaching was very helpful.” Reina Cotter ST

“Love practicing on the simulator. It’s very cool being able to do it before working on a human. Dan is an excellent instructor. His knowledge is so helpful. He’s very easy to ask questions to or to ask for help. That is important as a teacher.

I was not doing well with laparoscopic (intra-corporeal) tying at first. When I finally tied, I was very excited. Learning how to repair a AAA was really cool. It was time consuming and a little hard at times. But I learned great tricks and it turned out good. The bowel anastomosis was a lot to remember but great tricks once I got it down. I like the fireman trick for tying.

ACE doesn’t feel like a company but more like a family. Professional yet easy to talk to. They are always available to answer my many questions and being completely understanding.

Dan gave so many tricks and ways to make my job easier. Suturing and tying is what I valued most. I feel much better about it now. I also appreciated all the surgeries we performed here. I feel pretty confident now.

I enjoyed my time with ACE. I learned so much with the courses and the lab. Loved that I had Enhanced Access to work at my own pace. The lab portion was great. Dan is just terrific. So easy to talk to. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Met great people. I feel great about starting my career. Thank you.” Erin Modrowski CST

“I really like how the instructors are available to you to answer any questions I might have. I loved the little tricks Dan would show us, just the slightest thing to make suturing and tying easier. The lab is in-depth and goes beyond just assisting. It explains procedures in a way that you could do the procedure on your own. Helps you to be a great assistant.” Ezra Koury CST

“ACE is interested in growing in a direction which is in the interest of providing more extensive training and support for surgical assistants and their careers. Dan is a wealth of knowledge and he is able to present/convey that knowledge in a way that makes sense without being condescending!

This training has provided me with the confidence I need to enter into my clinicals. I was very impressed with the organization, sequencing, and flow of the detail of Dan’s teaching method. Very well done! Also, one-on-one Dan was sensitive to the way he approached re-directing and correction. He facilitated an excellent learning environment.” Jeffrey Ridout CST, Instructor for Surgical Technology Program.

“I think ACE is phenomenal. Very professional and well organized. The instructor is very down to earth and approachable. I valued the secrets of first assisting. Of all the programs offering surgical assisting, ACE would probably be your first choice because it’s very challenging and gives you extra.” Johnny Neston CST, SA

“ACE is a great company with room for expansion. Instructor was very approachable and a great help. I liked that I got a better understanding of advanced technique to use in cases. This is the best decision I ever made. After already attending part of another program (ESSFA), this was a better choice. Jonathan Stivers ST

“Excellent experience. I was happy with the way everything was organized and how I got a better understanding of why we do the things we do. I liked the techniques we learned and how they apply. Very informative class. A great way to learn to be the best SA you can be.” Jason Warshaw RT(R)(CT), Special Procedure Tech III

“So far I have enjoyed the experience! Knot tying stands out as the thing I’m most happy with. I find it interesting how important proper knot tying can be. I will be more conscious on how I make my ties. This program truly refines your surgical skills. I would recommend this program to both novice and professional healthcare workers.” David Lurry CST

“ACE has met and exceeded my expectations. I appreciated the positive reinforcement and support experienced in the lab. It took the stress out of learning suturing and other skills. I was exposed to scenarios and skills that I’ll need. The valuable feedback was immediate and minimized mistakes made in learning.

This is an excellent program led with heart. I feel informed, heard, and supported. I recommend enrolling in the Enhanced Access Surgical Assistant Program for its flexibility, self-pace, etc.” Nicholle Lamb CST

“ACE is a very professional school and they care about you as a person. Maggie Parrish worked hard to make sure I had the needed paperwork to start my clinicals after completing my SkillLab. I valued putting tying skills to practice on the simulators. Dan’s positive comments helped me to feel comfortable. It was a great place to learn.

This program has taught me to be competent and comfortable as an assistant. I feel l can step into my role and internship and know that I was taught well.” Amanda Hochstein MA, ST

“Learning the TAH was very difficult, but well taught. I like how much I learned from it. I think it helped me with the rest of the week. This week I learned that I really liked the micro and laparoscopic procedures. I would really love to be able to do this as a surgical assist. The Transverse Colon Resection was really exciting to do. This is where I feel I got my tying skills down.

ACE is really well organized and trustworthy. I really appreciated the one-on-one training and the feedback from the instructor. If you want to go to an institute that truly teaches you to become the best surgical assist you can, then you should go to ACE.” Jessica Allen MA, ST

Suture & Tying: I gained a lot of insight on perfecting my techniques and correcting bad habits. I saw the most improvements on the Suture & Tying days. My suturing technique was novice at best. Now when I practice, I feel confident I’ll be able to achieve mastery. The step-by-step instructions allowed for smooth transitions and faster technique after learning proper skills.

AAA Repair: Before this lab, I never thought I’d be able to be confident in vascular anastomosis. Now I am more than confident. I will be able to in time act like a second surgeon when assisting in vascular surgery.

Transverse Colon Resection: It was really nice to learn the manual cut and suturing technique for a bowel resection. This will be extremely helpful for working with surgeons who still use this technique and for times when stapling devices fail. This lab also helped me to speed up my one-hand tying skills through the repetitive tying used in this procedure.

After thorough research and now practical experience, both with courses and labs, ACE by far exceeds other programs. I became very ill during the week of the lab and Dan gave me the opportunity to miss a day of the lab with the option to make up what I missed at a later date instead of starting over. I am extremely grateful for his kindness and understanding.

The 2 benefit I appreciated most from the lab are 1) the suturing and tying techniques with intricate details to understand the proper mechanics and 2) the better understanding I got of SA-C scope of practice and job description.

When advancing your career, you can choose to meet the industry standards, or beat them. With ACE Surgical Assisting, you are choosing an SA-C program that provides the education and skills to become the best-of-the-best for the best patient outcomes and surgeon satisfaction.” Shahin Sodeifi CST

“It’s amazing how you can come into class not knowing how to tie anything and, within the class time, I’m tying with either hand! After doing the anastomosis on the colon, I got a better understanding of why and how the stitches are placed.

Dan was extremely informative and has a great sense of humor. I felt at ease asking any question without feeling embarrassed. ACE takes care of their students. They have worked very hard in obtaining my hospital’s clinical affiliation agreement even though my hospital has had some turnover in administration.

I am walking away from lab knowing how to tie, which I knew nothing about beforehand. I feel confident going into my clinicals now, whereas I was very nervous before. ACE has been very helpful in walking me through the process of being an SA-C. I’m excited to learn more about the business opportunities they will have and I feel that I have a hand to hold throughout the process.” Jennifer Osborne CST

“ACE is an excellent company! It’s warm and inviting (as stupid as that sounds). I didn’t feel like just a number. You really want each student to achieve the highest possible goals. My best experience at the lab is that anytime I didn’t understand something, Dan took the time to explain and demonstrate what he was trying to teach me. He then watched to make sure I ‘got it’ before he moved on. Most teachers just ‘re-explain’ then move on. He made sure I understood!

The assignments were extremely beneficial to me. The tests & puzzles were a great learning tool for me. Hand-on labs were excellent. Performing the skills with Dan there teaching us was priceless! Thank you Dan! You’re a great teacher!

ACE is a company that puts your needs first. They want their students to succeed and be the very best they can be. They stand behind their students with one-on-one help! My intuition was ‘spot on’ when I chose ACE over other Surgical Assisting Programs I had considered.” Dawn Bowen ST

“I loved the micro and laparoscopy labs. Very helpful and very well put together. Overall, I have really learned a lot and would recommend ACE to anyone looking to move up. The surgical lab was awesome! Made new friends in the middle. Loved everything about the week.

The hands-on in this course is GREAT! The lessons are manageable and easy to pick up. The cost is do-able! Staff is very helpful.” Emily Arus CST

“The suturing and tying port of the lab was awesome. I would’ve totally taken this again. I enjoyed it thoroughly.” Mark Baker CST

“Gave me better insight into suturing and why surgeons make the decisions they do in regards to incisions and closures. This was great practice! I loved learning how to tie knots after watching surgeons for years and trying to figure out how they did it! I cannot wait to use my newly mastered skills.

Making incisions was so much fun! After this workshop, I think ACE is a great program. I felt like I was learning more than I needed to when doing the online part of the program, but now I know why. The hands-on portion of the program is the best! You do a great job of making us feel like professionals!

We had lots of time for practicing. I no longer have to do only instrument tying! I can surprise our surgeons by showing them what we have learned. The program is affordable and I highly recommend the all-inclusive option (Enhanced Access). You can go at your own pace. You also get to meet some great people from other areas of the US and the world!” Jacki Nichols ST