• Second To None In 1st Assistant Training & Education.

  • Go From Surgical Tech To 1st Assist In Less Than 1 Year.

  • Second To None In 1st Assistant Training & Education.

  • Go From Surgical Tech To 1st Assist In Less Than 1 Year.

  • Second To None In 1st Assistant Training & Education.

Online Surgical Assistant Programs

Are You In Love With Surgery?

Typically, the first assistant is a second surgeon. More recently, two types of non-MD first assistant programs have emerged. The first being traditional, an entry-level Surgical Assistant training program aimed at beginners. Graduates may gain expertise with on-the-job experiences later in their careers. The second non-MD first assistant program is the ACE program. This unique approach to hands-on training assures that beginners perform like experts. Every student will gain expertise because it’s included in the program. A graduate’s expert status is not left to chance or remarkable circumstances.

At the ACE Online Surgery School, we developed an online Surgical Assistant Program around the skills that a second surgeon brings to the table. This ensures you feel comfortable and confident with your first assisting skills in the Operating Room. Additionally, it ensures that you can contribute at a higher level to the procedures. As a Surgical Technologist or OR Nurse, you’re the individual whom surgeons rely on for assistance if they can’t have their partner or regular Surgical Assistant.

  • Do you ever feel conflicted?
  • Are you flattered surgeons trust you but wish you could resolve your scope of practice liability?
  • Do you wish you could get closer to the surgical action you love?
  • Do you want to more directly impact patient outcomes?
  • Are you seeking to elevate your status, receive respect and recognition on the surgical team, enjoy a partner-like relationship with the surgeon, or gain confidence and expertise with surgical skills?

If so, contact ACE Surgical Assisting today.

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What do students love about the ACE PROGRAM?

  • Convenience

  • Expertise

  • Results

When you choose our program, you will receive exceptional hands-on training and clinical experience. You will work directly with surgeons you know at your local hospital. Finally, students are enabled to retake the lab as many times as necessary for up to two years for free. Whether you are a Surgical Tech, OR Nurse, SA, RNFA, PA, NP, or MD – we would be happy to meet with you and help you achieve your goals.

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Over 300 Clinical Affiliations Including:

Students complete clinical in the hospital where they work.

What Students Are Saying

  • “I have learned many awesome techniques today that I was never aware of during surgery.”

    - Christine Mohart

  • “You extreme dedication to this profession is very appreciated!”

    - Sara

  • “The program is very helpful.”

    - Andrew Elder

  • “The skills the lab teaches you are extremely beneficial and make you more valuable as an assistant.”

    - Matt Gomez