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A skills list doesn’t begin to do justice to your lab experience or how your life and career will change. With ACE’s industry-leading 6-Day Surgical SkillLab™ you get the following benefits.

6 Day Surgical SkillLab™ Includes:

  • 154 surgical skills from incision to wound closure, and everything in between
  • 4 simulated surgeries to gain advanced skills and dynamic surgical assisting behaviors
  • Lessons on highly detailed surgical simulators, specially designed by Dan Bump for ACE Surgical Assisting
  • Numerous practical, real-life applications
  • One-on-one coaching from an expert
  • Gain Up-Front Expertise™ with skills the experts use, the way they use them
  • Practice your new skills enough in six days to be comfortable and confident with them
  • Surgeon’s perspective when you perform surgeries

Most dates and locations have students from around the country from various medical backgrounds – an incredible networking opportunity. Attend at the ACE campus in Denver, Colorado; or at an exciting destination like Las Vegas, NV or Orlando, FL.

We may be able to present the lab at your hospital for your convenience. Contact us now at (866) 223-2778 for more details! 

Only ACE lets you retake the lab as many times as you want within two years of enrolling with our surgical assistant program. There is no such thing as not learning everything the lab has to offer and then mastering it at the highest level possible.

When and Where Are Our Next Labs?

Please note that seats in each lab are strictly limited to 15 to assure plenty of one-on-one coaching. Our labs fill up fast, so don’t wait!