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ACE SurgiNet™ online technology was custom made to create real opportunity for you in Surgical Assisting – regardless of how busy you are. The program consists of three parts: online distance learning, a 6-day skill lab and a clinical internship. Read on to learn more about our program and the benefits it can provide!


Overview of Surginet™:

  • This is how the program begins
  • 9 online courses of 1 month duration each
  • Each course starts on the first day of the month
  • Take one course at a time as it becomes available to the rest of the students
  • You start with the course the rest of the students are working on


If you want, you can sign up for Enhanced Access. Even though the program is self-paced for all students, Enhanced Access gives you even more freedom to participate in the program as you see fit.

Overview of Enhanced Access:

  • If you are a quick learner, you can finish the program well before your scheduled graduation date.
  • We give you 16 months to finish the program, but one student finished in a record 4 months.
  • Most Enhanced Access students finish the entire program in less than 9 months.
  • Speed through the material with which you are more familiar.
  • Slow down to fully absorb unfamiliar material.
  • No waiting for the next scheduled course to open.
  • It is completely up to the receiving institution how many, if any, of the credits will be transferred.


The 6-Day Surgical SkillLab™ is the crown jewel of the ACE program. We send you into surgery with surgeon-level skills. But you won’t just possess incredible new skills. You’ll possess the ability to perform them like you were experienced, not new. It takes a full 6 days but expert performance is crucial to your success.

This will be 6 days of the most intensive, practical, and enjoyable hands-on training you ever imagined! Take the lab anytime during the program. But don’t wait too long. It is prerequisite to starting your clinical internship.

Overview of Skilllab™:

  • Start anytime during the program
  • 6 days of hands-on training.
  • No skimping. You get 159 skills to generate extraordinary success in your clinical internship and your career.
  • On-on-one coaching
  • Limited to 15 students to allow for enough personal attention
  • Includes every skill an ACE Trained Assistant™ would use in a surgical procedure from opening to closure and everything in between
  • Learn the multiple applications of your skills by performing surgeries
  • Lab is mobile and we travel throughout the country to provide convenient locations, unlike any other program
  • Is it hard to believe you can learn that much in 6 days? We’ll guarantee it! If you believe you didn’t learn it all, you can retake the lab as many times as you want in the 2-years after enrolling – no extra charge!


You can start your clinical internship as soon as you finish the Surgical SkillLab™ and complete all necessary paperwork as outlined in the surgical assistant program catalog and on your Student Page of the ACE website.

The ACE lab fully prepares you for the ultimate clinical experience. We call it the SurgiEdge™ Clinical Internship because it gives you a competitive edge that puts the best Surgical Assisting opportunities within your reach.

Naturally, surgeons keep a close eye on you at first to make sure you do no harm to their patients. If they see your skills are good, you are confident, and you know the surgical anatomy and the steps of the procedure, they’ll give you more chances to perform at surgeon-level. If you seem unskilled and unprepared, they’ll restrict you to tasks less likely to do harm – holding retractors, suctioning, and cutting suture.

Overview of SurgiEdge™:

  • Best opportunities to assist because of 6-day lab as a prerequisite
  • Best opportunities for deeper learning and clinical experience
  • Multi-specialty experience for greater flexibility and marketability
  • Clinical Affiliation Agreement obtained for you
  • Likely your clinical experience will be at the hospital where you already work
  • Learn from surgeons you work with and who already know and like you


We believe in keeping it human. Our enrollment specialists add the personal touch to the process of helping you begin. They are specially trained to answer any questions you may still have and to make your enrollment process as simple and easy as possible. All you have to do is call us and we’ll take it from there.