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A Quantum Leap Forward in Your Surgical Career!

Learn More About Our Surgical Assistant Program

The ACE Surgical Assistant Program is a unique career booster. Our founder Dan Bump is the father of surgical assistant training. He was a successful self-employed Surgical Assistant in Denver, Colorado where the competition was tough and you had to perform at surgeon-level to survive. Denver surgeons expected their assistants to provide the same service another surgeon would, up to and including doing half the surgery yourself. To be successful, you had to be extraordinary.

If you want profound career advancement but going back to college doesn’t work around your busy life and surgery schedule, this program is for you.

In 1995, Dan created the very first formal Surgical Assistant Program for working surgical/medical professionals. Besides just being the first, he uniquely modeled training on surgeon-level assisting so his students could also achieve the extraordinary. Now ACE is bringing Dan’s career-boosting, surgeon-level training program to working Surgical Techs and OR Nurses around the country!

Learn More About the ACE Surgical Assistant Program

Program Details

Learn at Home, Around Your Schedule

ACE SurgiNet™ online technology was custom made to create real opportunity for you in the often-lucrative field of Surgical Assisting – regardless of how busy you are. This phase of your surgical assistant school training is designed to give you surgeon-level knowledge. We aren’t training you to become a surgeon. But when surgeons first assist in surgery, they use a small slice of their overall knowledge that the American College of Surgeons say makes them ideal assistants.

Our Online SA School Provides the Following:

  • Your own student webpage to easily access your online training and track your progress minute-by-minute anywhere in the world.
  • Automated course scheduling delivers your courses and activates online tests in a timely manner. Each course is completed in a one month period, totaling 9 months. While you must complete everything in the assigned one month period, you are free to schedule your day-to-day studies around your work and family obligations.
  • Enhanced Access is an option you can sign up for that completely frees you from the online schedule. No monthly deadlines! If you are very familiar with the subject, you don’t need a month. Finish early and move right on to the next course. If it’s a harder subject, you don’t have to rush. Take your time and make sure you get it right. Because of Enhanced Access some students have completed the entire program in as little as 6 months!
  • Dan Bump makes a surgeon-level curriculum easy to understand.
  • Easy online testing with automatic grading. You get your score immediately after submitting your test.
  • Taking a pretest for each unit sets a benchmark of your current knowledge on the subject. Then it generates a customized Study Guide so you can boost any of your specific weak areas.
  • Take your Unit Test after you’ve studied the material. Measure the results against your pretest and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the progress you’ve made.
  • It’s online but we aren’t hiding from you. The ACE staff and faculty are happy to provide all the personal attention you need to be successful.

Fill out the request information form or call us at (855) 966-4111 for more information about our online SA school.

Hands-On Training – Only 6 Days Away from Work

The 6-Day Surgical SkillLab™ is the crown jewel of the ACE program. We send you into surgery with surgeon-level skills. But you won’t just possess incredible new skills. You’ll possess the ability to perform them like you were experienced, not new. It takes a full 6 days but expert performance is crucial to your success.

This will be 6 days of the most intensive, practical, and enjoyable hands-on training you ever imagined! Take the lab anytime during the program. But don’t wait too long. It is prerequisite to starting your clinical internship.

  • You don’t have to wait until you are done with the distance learning to attend.
  • No skimping. You get 159 skills to generate extraordinary success in your clinical internship and your career.
  • This isn’t just the wound closure skills you need for the end of the case. It’s also the intraoperative skills you need to assist like a surgeon during the case.
  • We’ve learned the secrets of how to give you lots of skills without overloading you. You’ll feel confident enough to take your new skills from the lab right into the OR!
  • Perform actual surgeries on advanced surgical simulators – invented by Dan Bump for ACE students only and uniquely designed for surgeon-level skills acquisition.
  • Is it hard to believe you can learn that much in 6 days? We’ll guarantee it! If you believe you didn’t learn it all, you can retake the lab as many times as you want in the 2-years after enrolling – no extra charge!

We provide The Ultimate Clinical Experience

The ACE lab fully prepares you for the ultimate clinical experience. We call it the SurgiEdge™ Clinical Internship because it gives you a competitive edge that puts the best Surgical Assisting opportunities within your reach.

Naturally, surgeons keep a close eye on you at first to make sure you do no harm to their patients. If they see your skills are good, you are confident, and you know the surgical anatomy and the steps of the procedure, they’ll give you more chances to perform at surgeon-level. If you seem unskilled and unprepared, they’ll restrict you to tasks less likely to do harm – holding retractors, suctioning, and cutting suture.

  • You’ll be doing your clinicals at your own hospital with surgeons who already know you and want you to succeed.
  • Many Surgical Assistant Programs leave skills training up to your surgeons. Even the best surgeons often have neither the time, the teaching ability, nor the patience you need. These programs set their students up for failure.
  • ACE fully prepares you for your clinicals with the right skills. We don’t burden your surgeons with this responsibility when it should be up to us. We set you up for success!
  • When surgeons observe your surgeon-level skills, they’ll reward you with more responsibility during the case. Your clinical experience will be incredible, more like a surgical residency. Some clinical sponsors have even let their ACE students do entire surgeries under their supervision.
  • Many of your surgeon sponsors will likely want to continue working with you after you graduate because of the impression you made and your positive effects on their procedures and patient outcomes.

National Certification

The ACE Surgical Assistant Program is approved by the American Board of Surgical Assistants (ABSA). Once you’ve graduated our surgical assistant school, you receive a Certificate of Completion you’ll be proud to frame and hang on your wall. You’ll also be eligible to sit for ABSA’s nationally and internationally recognized certifying exam.

The ACE Trained Assistant™

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) sets the standards high for Surgical Assistants. They say the ideal Surgical Assistant is another surgeon. ACE takes this standard seriously. Why should surgeons and their patients have to settle for anything less than surgeon-level skills? The ACE Trained Assistant™ is skills and knowledge prepared to replace another surgeon in the role of first assistant without any reduction in the quality of services.

Sadly, many surgeons have learned to make do with assistants who are just an extra pair of hands. They may have forgotten what real help is like and are often shocked at the performance level of an ACE Trained Assistant. But that should be the expected level. A lesser-trained assistant forces the surgeon to keep one eye on the assistant and the other on the operation. Imagine how such a split focus could slow down the procedure, raise the level of difficulty, and increase the likelihood of costly surgical errors – think texting and driving.

An ACE Trained Assistant’s objective is to help the surgeon focus fully on the task at hand. It’s the next best thing to having another surgeon as the assistant—in some ways it’s even better.

For instance:

  • You won’t take over the case
  • You won’t be critical of the surgeon or embarrass him in front of the team
  • You will be able to offer better suggestions because of your multispecialty training and experience
  • You will offer the surgeon a more enjoyable surgical experience
  • You free up time so the surgeon can do more surgeries, see more patients, build their practice, and enjoy more family time

It won’t be long before surgeons adjust to having good help again. They literally become addicted to their favorite assistants. That is job security for hospital or surgeon employed assistants – or more loyal surgeons/clients for self-employed assistants.

Fill out our form or call us at (855) 966-4111 for more information.

Why Enroll With
Ace Surgical Assisting

  • A Convenient Online Education for Surgeon-Level Knowledge
  • A 6-Day Skill Lab for the same surgical skills a surgeon has
  • A Clinical Experience at Your Hospital with Your Surgeons
  • Qualify for a National Surgical Assistant Certification
  • The Lab qualifies PAs, NPs, and MDs to get a surgery-specific certification. No need to take the full program!

Our Reviews

  • “You have an amazing product and you have an amazing personality that helps the student to relax and learn in a friendly environment.”

    Howman Pagola, MD

  • “It was a very fun and beneficial experience. I strongly recommend this program to anyone trying to advance their OR careers.”

    Rachel Conlon, CST

  • “For NP students or practicing NP professionals, the ACE Surgical Assisting course & SkillLab advances & enhances general and advanced suturing and specific skills required to become a safe, efficient, and high quality surgical assistant.”

    Nancy Theriault, NP Student

  • “The class was unbelievable. Every station was well planned. The program should be recommended to everyone who plans to work in surgical services. ”

    Veronica Villa, RN

  • “They care about your success in the program & in your career & make every effort to respond to student needs.”

    Nolan McGlasson, PA-C

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