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What Type of Salary Can I Expect as a Surgical Assistant?

What Type of Salary Can I Expect as a Surgical Assistant?

Average Surgical Assistant Salary

Salaries for surgical assistants can vary greatly based on a number of factors, often ranging from $75,000/year up to $200,000/year. According to the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs, the average starting base salary for Surgical Assistants is roughly $55,000/year. This is base surgical assistant salary only, and does not include any call pay, overtime, or shift differential compensation.

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Factors That Impact A Surgical Assistant Salary

The wide range in Surgical Assistant salaries can be attributed to a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Experience – a 2005 National Surgical Assistant Association survey found that entry-level assistants made roughly $25/hour, compared to $45/hour for more experienced CSAs.
  • Education – People with prior medical training will generally receive higher pay.
  • Location – CSAs in areas with a higher cost of living will generally receive higher pay.
  • Type of Employer – Private hospitals and surgery centers may pay more than public facilities.
  • Area of Concentration or Specialty – Surgical Assistants in more complex areas of medicine, such as neurosurgery, will often make more money than other specialties.
  • Level of Involvement - Salary can vary based on how involved the surgical assistant is in the technical aspects of the surgery.

At ACE Surgical Assisting, prospective students frequently ask us how much money they can make as a surgical assistant. Many people who are currently surgical techs or OR nurses don’t realize that they can make far more money as a Surgical Assistant; in some cases up to five times more than they were making before.

With this dramatic increase in salary, a program like ACE Surgical Assisting will usually pay for itself within the first year of becoming a Certified Surgical Assistant (CSA). We are proud to offer customized programs geared specifically toward current OR nurses, surgical techs, physicians assistants, and other health care professionals.

Whats the Difference Between a Surgical Tech and a Surgical Assistant?

A surgical tech could be an employee who has limited education has mostly received on-the-job training, while a surgical assistant has a degree, extensive training, and is certified. A surgical assistant salary is drastically higher than the surgical tech’s salary. The surgical assistant performs more hands-on tasks with the patient during surgery, while the tech usually is hands-off, preparing materials and equipment.

What is a Certified Surgical First Assistant?

A Certified Surgical First Assistant (CSFA) is a medical professional who assists surgeons during surgery. They are trained to provide support to surgeons during surgical procedures. Their duties include prepping and positioning patients before surgery, controlling bleeding, dressing wounds, and closing surgery sites after surgical procedures. In addition, they collaborate with surgical team members and doctors to ensure appropriate post-operative care of surgical patients.

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