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Why Enroll in ACE’s Surgical Assistant Program?

Surgical Assisting School that Opens the Door to Your Future

Advancing your career in the medical field can sound like a time-consuming process. If you just finished years of medical school or training, you may be looking for a way to avoid committing to a full time program. That is exactly what our founder, Dan Bump, thought through when creating ACE Surgical Assisting. Back when he advanced from a surgical tech to a surgical assistant, the only method was to get a surgeon to take you on as an apprentice or enroll in a full time college program similar to medical school.

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Did you know that the average surgical assistant can make $75,000 a year, with some earning as much as $200,000? Don’t wait any longer to take your earning potential and skill set to the next level! Our surgical assisting school is designed to give you the tools, training, and expertise you need to boost your career.

What Makes Our Surgical Assistant Program Unique?

  • National approval from The American Board of Surgical Assistants
  • Easy online training modules with varying options through SurgiNet™
  • Expertise gained through thorough 6-Day Surgical SkillLab™
  • Real people just a phone call away through our student services
  • Free, unlimited lab access for two years after you sign up
  • Courses customized to diverse student needs (OR nurses, SA’s, PA’s, etc.)
  • Convenient and affordable career advancement—low price of $5,495

Find out why training on surgical simulators better prepares you for success in the operating room than training on animals or cadavers. Read Teaching Surgical Skills - Changes in the Wind.

Choose the right training program for you!

Finding a surgical assistant program that is just right for you can be a daunting task. You are a working professional so convenience and affordability in addition to high-quality training are vital to your success.

In tough economic times, training is often considered an expensive luxury item and is often the first cut made in your own budget as well as your employer's budget. A good case could be made for individuals and employers to upgrade their status with training especially during a down economy. The benefits are great as surgical assistant training makes you more valuable to your employer. I know spending money on training seems wrong when it's hard enough to buy other necessities. You have to be a visionary because, if you're having money problems, the ACE Surgical Assistant Program could be the solution for which you've been looking.

Some surgical assistant programs make sweeping claims that the only way to learn surgical skills is by practicing on living animals. They go so far as to say that training on simulators isn't even real training. However, you may find performing surgery on animals and then discarding them later to be distasteful or even immoral. Simulation training is hot – not only at NASA and for pilots, but also in the field of surgery. Animal and cadaver training is becoming obsolete. The newest training techniques are based on theories about how to best acquire motor skills and expertise.

When you enroll in our surgical assisting school, you get countless benefits paired with clinical experience at your own hospital. This means you get to work with surgeons you know and are familiar with to further enhance your skills gained in the innovative ACE Surgical Assistant Program.

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We have created a surgical assistant program that is not only convenient, but extremely beneficial to medical professionals. Our online courses can be completed when best fits your schedule and our 6-day classroom lab provides the perfect amount of hands-on training.

If you are surgical tech or other professional seeking to change your role to a surgical assistant, ACE has paved the way for your career advancement. Contact us today to learn more!

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